A long time ago, when my sister and I were kids, I was the thin sister. And for more time that supposed to be, I believed I was immune to get weight.

When I went to the University, I used to order a giant Pepperoni Pizza from Pizza Hut, just for me every Friday. The problem was the coupon “Here is a 50% off your next giant pizza”

I did this for almost 8 months until I couldn’t fit on my clothes anymore… even my bras. So, I bought more clothes and continue to go, because I was still the “thin” sister. But I stopped the pizza madness.

I was using loose t-shirts to cover the fact my belly was out of limits, and kept eating, drinking beer and having an unregulated life until I was sick every week.

It took me almost 7 years to admit I couldn’t live like that, I wasn’t a child anymore and I didn’t have the same metabolism.

I was 31 when I finally went to a nutritionist and she told me 46% of my body was fat. My muscles were a joke, I had no strength. And you know when your doctor says you have to change this or you’re going to die sooner than you think, you have to change!

I had this plan

She gave me a diet plan that was eating 8 times a day. I had to drink green smoothies in the morning, I couldn’t eat sugar (oh yes, I was addicted to sugar, on the top of everything), everything was whole wheat, lots of salad, etc.

It was good for a while, I lost 7kg just changing the way I ate.

But then, something inside my head said “losing weight is easy, you can back to eat a lot and then you’re going to lose fast again”

Then I couldn’t come back. And I got fatter and fatter, as I never thought I would be.

I was addicted to sugar and by the baking at the office kitchen, and at least 3 times a week someone brings something, and there I was, eating. Because it was so… GOOD!

But is it? really?

Do we really need to not say no to food? We have to start to say no to food because we want to live, right? We want to live a lot! To travel, to see our kids grow, to have the energy to do what we love.

So I decided to say NO to some foods. This year.

I made a list of 35 things to change before I turned 36. And I chose a diet to follow.

Why the Mediterranean Diet?

I found it probably like everyone else looking for a diet and wanting a miracle, I clicked on a click-bait “Lose weight eating pasta every day”

Of course, it’s not that simple, but it was the best way to remove myself from the planet of sugar I was.

I started to read about it, to learn about it and it felt right. Because I don’t like to starve and many diets make your brain thinking you are dying. And every time I tried something like that, I had a binge eating disorder. Not fun! And even with communities to talk about a certain diet, sometimes you just feel alone, you get judged by your loved ones, it’s hard to follow.

I love the Mediterranean Diet because it’s common food, I can feed my husband with it and he doesn’t even know he is also on a diet. It’s good food! There are no restrictions, even kids can eat.
Curious of how to start the Mediterranean Diet? Check The Ultimate Guide to the Mediterranean Diet

My footprint

Not long ago, I found out about the Earth Overshoot day where is the date humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a year that exceeds what Earth can regenerate each year. 

I did the test and my overshoot day was March 2nd. After I started the Mediterranean Diet, my Earth overshoot day moved to July 3rd. 

I don’t like how hotter it is every year. I want to make a difference! 

If you want to check your personal Earth Overshoot day, click here

How do I do it?

This gonna sound like BS, but I only eat when I am hungry. I listen to my body.

Before I take something to eat, I think:

  1. Am I really hungry?
  2. Or am I feel like eating?
  3. And if I am hungry, is this the best option?
  4. Or is there something better?

I changed my mindset and now I understand myself much better.

Before I decided to go this way, I thought but “I am always eating so I am always hungry, this won’t change anything”.

And I was surprised when I began to pay attention to my body. My eyes wanted to eat everything I saw, but not my stomach. So I stopped visiting the office kitchen. Sometimes my coworkers bring the treats to my desk, I put behind me and save it for later. Of course, it’s not easy, it’s not about self-control, if you are hungry then eat.


But why do you need to eat if you’re not hungry?

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