A long time ago, I didn’t think about how fast or slow I used to read. A long time ago, I had time to read.

In January this year, I joined a Readathon (24in48) and managed to read 3h46min. See, it looks like nothing! But I read 2 books in 2017 and by the end of January, I had read 3.

You read this before, on the first post of this blog where I shared my favorite app: Readtracker. But this post is about readathons.

If you follow me on Instagram (I follow back), you will see that every month I am on a reading marathon of my friend Ada Chivers (@soterradaporlivros) and she has a readathon called #seguesoterrada (where she is paired with another bookgram @seguelendo) and this happens every last weekend of the month.

You probably noticed that English is my second language, and since I arrived in Canada – 3 years ago – I decided to not read in Portuguese anymore. Only if the book is written in Portuguese.


This Saturday and Sunday – July 21-22,2018 – the 2nd 24in48 readathon of this year will happen and you can’t lose! It’s just the best one. It has prizes, it makes you post on the social media of your preference and you discover new books like I did when someone posted the first page of The Word Exchange (my best book of 2018).

All you have to do is reading 24h in 48h. But you must track your time, just use the stopwatch of your phone and always take a screenshot when you stop in case you hit reset accidentally.


I have 2 books that I wanna try to read in this readathon: Caraval and Uprooted.

Are you going to join? What books are you planning to read? Did you ever finish a readathon?


Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst