Oh! I love Instagram and I have 3 accounts, personal, business and this blog. It’s new as this blog, and I don’t have many followers. You can change this,  following me here, and I will follow back every bookstagram in English (I like to interact, not just look at pretty pics).

I know that many people say to find a theme for your Instagram, but I am not a fan of variations of the same thing, I believe you should be creative on your account. And you can make a theme and be creative, but some people just take the theme way too far and everything looks the same to me.

So here is a list of the best bookstagrams you should follow. Hope you like it.

1 | @sunsnacksseries

I was talking about themes, and this is a good example of how you can be simple and have a beautiful bookstagram.

2 | @psiedoll

This account sometimes is real life, sometimes you feel take to a dream place.

3 | @darkfaerietales

This is one of those accounts with so many props that you get envy. The photos are amazing and they are never boring! 🙂

4 | @booksugar

Learn about editions you never know to exist. And maybe you have some money to one day add to your collection.

5 | @nanikiiireads

Another whimsical account, it’s photoshopped but creative nonetheless.

6 | @mrs_salvatore_books

I love this account because she is always trying new things.

7 | @everlinet

She looks like a princess of Autumn. I love the brown theme of this account and I don’t like brown as a color.

8 | @booktasticboglinc

This account changes based on the Seasons.

9 | @redlionreads

I am envy of all these props!! Such a beautiful account!

10 | @james_trevino

This is my favorite bookstagram of all time. You don’t see many man bookstagrammers, but when I saw this in my timeline as a reposted I felt revigorated. This account is so fun and so creative. The props are the books and that’s what it makes it so fun!

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Best bookstagrams you should be following

Do you know any account that is so nice that you must share? Share in the comments.