A long time ago, I didn’t think about how fast or slow I used to read. A long time ago, I had time to read.

In January this year, I joined a Readathon (24in48) and managed to read 3h46min. See, it looks like nothing! But I read 2 books in 2017 and by the end of January, I had read 3.


During the Readathon, I came across this amazing little app: the Readtracker.

When I downloaded I found it horrible!! OMG such a terrible design, but then after using a little bit it became my favourite and I can’t read without it. Since January, they updated and all my screenshots are from the new design. It’s definitely much better now.

The app has 2 sections: Finished and Reading. And inside each book you have 3 sections: Summary, Read and Quotes.

To “add a book” just click on the + sign on the top. You can search by name, author, isbn or add manually.

When you add a book and start reading you need to press the stopwatch or start on the “Read” section and forget about it. Go read your book.

When you stop reading, click on “done” on the Read section and roll up till the page you stopped.

And now it’s where the magic starts.


The more you read, the best this section becomes. The app gives you an estimate of how long you have to read to finish the book and the best part, it gives you a timespan.

If the book is short like the one I am reading now (West of the moon), as you can see on the photo I need to read 49 minutes per day to finish in 3 days.


Inside the book you’re reading, you can also save quotes.  Just click on “Add quote from the book”, type on the blank box, roll up to the page and click save quote.
I am so grateful to find this little app, it’s “my little time to read”. After I downloaded this app, I read 12 books already, because it’s so easy to know when you’re going to finish.
Do you use this app? Or any other tracker app? If you know any of iOS alternative please let me know in the comment section.