This should have been the first post on this blog, I had this as a draft for 3 months.

Let’s say you bought 10 books in the last book sale, but you didn’t start because who has time to read? Or went to your local library and picked up 6 books because you thought that would be motivation enough to read (then, you see yourself renewing all the books until it’s not possible anymore and you have to return everything defeated).

I know how you feel. It’s horrible. So, here is a list of how to make time to read your endless TBR list.

1 | Set a time goal per day

I know it sounds lazy to set up a 15-minute reading goal, but you’re starting over. You’re adding time on your busy schedule to read, and when I say that, don’t use this 15 minutes to post on Instagram that you’re reading, do this after.

Set the stopwatch on your phone to beep so you will know when to stop and if you want to keep going, just keep going. You can change to 30 minutes if 15 doesn’t give you the time to finish a chapter.  And if your time ends in the middle of a page, check this fun bookmark:

2 | Read a chapter per day

If the time goal is weird because you don’t want to stop in the middle of the chapter, you can set up a “# chapter goal”. The # is the number of chapters because it varies a lot per book. An example is “Uprooted” has long (almost 30 minutes) chapters and “Caraval” has 2, 3 pages chapters. So you can make your goal based on the book you’re reading.

Just add the bookmark where you want to stop.

3 | Test other book formats

Did you ever try an audiobook? I am not a fan, because I like the whole experience of reading, making voices in my head, imagination, my reading is immersive. But that’s me.

I have so many friends that found audiobooks the solution for the “no time to read” problem, mostly because they are moms and have no time for themselves. So, if you’re a mom, this can be a solution for you too. The good thing about audiobooks is you can put on your phone or in your car, at work, a book on the go.

You can try a month free of Audible (the audiobook service at Amazon) and see if it’s your thing. Some books are read by their own authors, this is cool, eh?

4 | Scroll a book instead of facebook/Instagram feed

When I open Instagram or Facebook I often lose track of time. I don’t know if you feel this way but there are some people that spend 3-4h daily on social media, and I know I spent more than that because this is what I do for a living.

I used to arrive at home and sit on the couch completely exhausted. The last thing I wanna do was think. So I just scrolled, scrolled and scrolled up.

Now, I changed the habit. I read. Sometimes I don’t have a book with me, but I have this little app on my phone that let me read a chapter a day of classic books. I can read more because I bought the full version.

If you don’t mind to read classic book pills every day, you can download Serial Reader.

Do you have any other ideas to read more? Share in the comments.