Happy Halloween!! Can you believe it, it’s today!! And I don’t have a costume. My life has been crazy! So I was looking online for Halloween make ups that can be done in 15 to 30 minutes to people that are not make up savvy. 

I tried youtube and there are people so skilled they can change the shape of their faces. 

I don’t have a party to go, I am only giving treats to the kids of my street, they are so adorable and creative if you think of how cold October 31st can be in Manitoba.

I found a collection of videos to help the procrastinators be fabulous on Halloween. 

1 | Mermaid style

I looove this one, I saw this 3 years ago and I think you can go wild! Like who told that mermaids have to be pink and blue. What about Ulla from When Water Sang Fire (From The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo). She has gray-tinged skin, black hair, and dark eyes. 

2 | Scarecrow lady

I’ve being seen this a lot and I found it so cute, and the best part is even easier to get a costume because it’s just a plaid shirt with jeans pants. Let’s say the wind took the hat if you don’t have one.  

3 | You can’t go wrong with a vampire

I like how it makes the face very red.  

4 | witches, witches, what type of witch?

The best part of being a witch is you can be very creative. There is no concense of how a witch looks like, so you can be the classic one, green face and point nose and hat; or you can be a Hogwarts student with no make up at all, wearing just a scarf of your house colors. 

5 | Bonus

I found this video yesterday and I love the props that she made and I found it so creative. 

Hope you enjoy it! Tell me if you use any of those. 🙂

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Last minute halloween make up that can be done in 15 minutes