I don’t know about you but I feel that my days are passing super fast, I am always tired and I am not even a mom. Now it’s Summer and the days are super long but in the Winter I feel like a zombie waiting for the weekend to do stuff I keep procrastinating.

One of the things I do is freezing my meals, I take a day to assemble as many meals I can so I can have it handy.  I used to cook a bunch of meals at once and freeze, but there was a small problem with this strategy: I had to remember to taking out of the freezer the night before.

And I can’t stress out how many times I forgot and I had to make a fast lazy pasta with store-bought sauce to not die of starvation and guilt about my stupidity.  I was talking with my co-workers about this and everybody was talking about how the slow-cooker change their lives, they could leave a meal be prepared while they were at work and when they arrived at home, they have something to eat.

I was tempted. I went to a Best Buy on the boxing day to buy one and it was sold out. I am grateful for that! Because just on the side there was a product that would change my life.

*Drum roll*

That day I learned about the Instant Pot.

As I am internet savvy, I open google in the middle of Best Buy and researched all about it. I found out that my favorite cooking blog uses it and that was enough! I hold the box and it was prepared to buy one when I saw the line (it was boxing day after all). I put the box back in place, called my husband and asked him to buy the Instant Pot at Amazon (we have prime).

3 days later, I received this beautiful thing and almost all my kitchen problems solved magically.

Why the instant pot is a magical solution

I was struggling in remember to take out the frozen food from the freezer the night before and now I don’t have to.

All I have to do is putting the frozen food inside the Instant Pot, add some water, pushing some buttons, close the lid and done.

You might be thinking about how dangerous a pressure cooker is. I already use a stove one, not electrical. I also had a traumatic experience in my childhood where the pressure cooker exploded because the valve was clogged up (my fault, I was a kid and used the valve as a toy). As an adult, I only used a pressure cooker like that once and I was shaking from head to toe.

The Instant Pot has so many security measures and it’s completely different from that archaic thing. I researched that too, it has 10 security measures, so you can keep your peace of mind, I’ve been using it at least twice a week since December 2016.

so, what’s the 2nd item?

My husband doesn’t cook, he has the ability to burn water, but we are a good team in the kitchen. I have a problem with raw chicken, I gag so much, it’s terrible, I can’t even have my eyes open, that’s how much disgusted I am of raw chicken.

So, he cleans it for me, put in different Ziplocs and we frozen everything.

Another thing he used to do was slicing and cutting all the vegetables and legumes, but there was one that was the beginning of all our “fights”: the onion.

And we looooove onions, it’s impossible to cooking without it. We put onions on everything, but it was so painful for both of us. My sister loves to cut onions, she likes the tingle in her eyes, that adorable crazy person.

We’ve tried cheap solutions like a PPE Glasses, it helped for the first 2 minutes. haha

Then, we decided to buy a Food Processor.

We decided to buy this Hamilton Beach one because almost everything in my kitchen is HB. It was a coincidence. I first bought the standing mixer because the price and reviews were great, I love it but I don’t use it very often (once every 2 months) and I also have a Hamilton Beach blender. I never had any problems with them, and they fit in my pocket.

But back to this Food Processor, I laugh so hard on the first use. Of course, we used it to dice an onion. I am not lying, I held  “Pulse” for 3 seconds and the onion was completely diced.

Another thing, remember my gag chicken problem?

Now, I put the frozen chicken on the instant pot, cook for 40 minutes, put the cooked chicken in the Food Processor, add the salt, the spices (and everything nice) and turn the knob for a bit and ta-dah.

A chicken pie filling just waiting to be used. It was so fast!

The only thing that I don’t like is why it took me so long to figure this out!

These two amazing products are part of my time management mindset. I have so little time to do what I like, I don’t wanna spend hours in the kitchen.

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