I must admit I was one of those people who said the sentence:

I would never buy a kindle, I love to turn pages and the smell of books. Why everything must be electronic these days?

I laugh every single time I remember this and I still hear so many people saying the same thing!

Nobody is telling you, you should abandon physical books!

When my husband bought his Kindle back in 2012, I cringed. He only bought to read one series of books (the only series he reads): Warhammer 40k. 

And by that time, I was reading A storm of swords and I don’t know if you are familiar but those books weight a lot. And I was reading in Portuguese, which is a language that needs more words to say the same thing in English, so you can add at least 40 pages to hold these extra words.

By that time we were only dating, I went to his house and I forgot the book, so he bought the book for me and add to his kindle and gave it to me. I am not ungrateful, so I grabbed the Kindle and started to read.




My, my, what a difference! I bit my tongue for everytime I said I didn’t need one.

1 | Do you like big books?

How inconvenient is to carry a big book around? Sometimes you don’t want to carry a backpack, but you wanna read that big book. Or sometimes you don’t even take the book with you because it’s too heavy and you see yourself in a terrible waiting room with only dental magazines to read…

If you had a kindle, you could carry your big books around.


I love libraries. Growing up without a library was one of the hardest thing ever in my childhood. Now I live in a city with a great one but I have to wait a loooong time to put my hands in a book I want. Even if it’s an old book like “The killings at Badger’s drift” where I am in the 3rd position, but I was at 9th when I put myself on the queue.

Free classics

Here is a list of all free books at Amazon
But what I like most about Kindle is the Kindle Unlimited program. Let’s say you don’t want to buy a kindle for any reasons, you already have a tablet, you wanna read on your computer.

The first thing you have to do is log in on your Amazon account: Here.

There you’re going to see all the e-books you have. You can upload your pdfs there too.

Then you’re going to enjoy a month of Kindle Unlimited for free, just clicking here. You’re not going to be charged and you can cancel before the month ends. But I tell you it’s worth every cent. It costs $9.99 and you get Unlimited books, audiobooks, and magazines. 

You don’t even have to buy a Kindle! I like the Kindle because there is no glare and no light on my face. And the battery lasts for 30 days!!

Kindle was the best purchase for the sake of my vacations, one device, 100 big books.  Get yours here.

3 | Old or new, it’s all good!

My Kindle is old, from 2012. I bought one just after my husband convinced me I was wrong. My kindle has no touchscreen, is black and white (e-ink), has buttons and like all Kindles, it came with a dictionary built in. I paid less because it came with “special offers” which is an Amazon ad on the front screen.

As English is not my first language, I found this very convenient, however, it’s very annoying to me to chase the word with the arrows (#firstworldproblems), is still better than stop, open the dictionary app on my phone, learning the meaning.

Today’s Kindle has touchscreens, some are even colored, and there is also Kindle Fire which is Amazon Tablet, but I don’t see the value on this one. It just another tablet. You can turn pages with the same movement you would do in a book, you can click on the word you don’t know to find the meaning.

I was very tempted to buy a new one, but I won’t because if you think about it, a technologic item that is from 2012 and it’s still running without problems, you have to keep it! 🙂

The magic of Kindle is the e-ink, which I am not sure if I will ever get it, it’s like planes flying, my Kindle has no light, but the words show when I turn it on. They say is the same technology as a calculator, but better solved.

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